Our Marketing Strategy

Fresh Thinking Publishings marketing strategy embraces the new communication tools of e-commerce, and e-marketing. This new strategy enables us to reach a wider audience than traditionally reached by bookshops.

Fresh Thinking Publishings also has a network of local and international bookstores who will distribute your publication to the wider public.

Fresh Thinking Publishings has access to local, regional and international databases and associates who will expose your written work to thousands of readers.

Fresh Thinking Publishings marketing division offers discounted rates to professional associations and non-profit organisations, and students and readers under 18 years.

Corporate Citizenship

1% of our profits after tax is used to buy books and learning materials which are distributed free to schools and libraries.

We facilitate writers’ workshops for emerging authors.

We facilitate writers’ workshops for students and youths.

We have created the largest portal of eBooks where youths, students and emerging writers have access at no cost to all who register.


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