Fresh Thinking Publishing Network

Fresh Thinking Publishing Network is a coaching programme specifically designed to help writers with the issues that stop them from starting (and finishing!) writing and publishing their books. We can help you find the time in a busy schedule with a step-by-step approach, conquer the "do I really have something important to say?" doubts of every aspiring author, and help you earn the title of "author" that you will carry for a lifetime.

Personalised Game Plan

After receiving all your materials, we'll review your manuscript and the other materials you've sent us, and our team of experts will be ready to give you the best advice of our collective and experienced brains. We will discuss your goals and formulate a plan of action for you, using our professional members as a support team, for the entire publishing process.

Be sure to think about the kind of support you'd like to have. What we do together will be based on your wishes. We do not limit the time we have for each member, so use this resource as often as you'd like. This is a collaborative process - we don't nag you to work on your book, but we can schedule calls that will create some deadlines which may help you in getting finished faster. How you use your membership is up to you.

While we offer tremendous support as part of your membership, targeted help, such as editing, book cover design, marketing plans, etc. is not included. However, we do have top notch publishing professionals who provide discounts that are available only to our members.


During the coaching appointments, typically we do one or more of the following:

  • Review any material you have sent us.
  • Discuss your ideas, and really get to the heart of what is working and what isn’t about your work on the book.
  • Formulate a timeline and prepare the costing for getting your book finished.
  • Answer any questions you may have and give you our professional advice.
  • Plan your goals and strategies for the next stage of your development as an author.

What is the Fresh Thinking Publishing Network?

We want you to fully understand what you can expect from your membership so you can utilise it to meet your expectations. Let's start by talking about who we are and what we do.

We are an organisation dedicated to supporting writers as they navigate from dreams and ideas to being authors of successfully published books. Through our network of top industry experts and resources we provide the education, insights and framework for a successful journey from concept to finished product and beyond.

Fresh Thinking Publishing Network works with individuals, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, speakers and others who want to turn their intellectual capital into books that dynamically communicate their messages and enhance their core businesses.

How do we make this all happen?

As a membership organisation, the Fresh Thinking Publishing Network assists you in defining where you are in the publishing process as well as what is to come. Whether you are an established author or simply have a great idea in need of a path to completion, the Fresh Thinking Publishing Network has the resources to support, inspire and celebrate your publishing endeavours.

In return for an annual membership, we offer as much coaching and e-mail coaching as you need to get the job done. You will also be able to access our members-only website which is full of resources for each step of the process, such as an extensive library, forthcoming workshops, and other events where you can share success stories with authors and professionals in the publishing industry. In addition, there are various experienced book industry professionals to turn to with questions, concerns and support – we offer constant contact with members via e-mail or phone, whichever you prefer.

For aspiring authors

We coach you to:

  • Create a marketable book with a strong message and built-in promotional appeal.
  • Publish books and spin-off products that will attract clients to your core business to ensure sustained profitability.
  • Promote your book to thousands of people who buy and read books.

If you are serious about creating the book you’ve always dreamed of, you can do it this year! Let us show you how. We will conduct an initial professional evaluation of the book concept and review a proposal or any other material you have developed. Then we review the new material you develop, whenever you develop it. We also help you establish the timeline and costing framework to see your book through to completion.

As part of the evaluation, we will also suggest additional resources if you want more help with writing a proposal, writing the book, media coaching, or image consulting – in fact anything and everything that you may need to help you become a successful author.

For established authors:

As we do for aspiring authors, the first step is to do an evaluation of the book and its marketability, looking at what you have already accomplished in terms of marketing and what you would like to achieve. In addition, we give you guaranteed promotional opportunities and unlimited coaching and e-mail coaching to guide you in your marketing efforts:

  • Unlimited Master Mind Sessions.
  • Opportunities to speak at events in South Africa through the Fresh Thinking Speakers Network (your speaker profile marketed to event planners for a full year as part of your membership).
  • Guaranteed Fresh Thinking Network additional promotional opportunities for book reviews.
  • Your book listed on our online bookstore site.


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