Benefits of Publishing with Fresh Thinking Publishing

If you are looking for the opportunity to publish your book or manuscript, Fresh Thinking Publishings is your fresh solution.

Fresh Thinking Publishings focuses on the needs of writers and authors and we give you access to all the technologies and tools you need to publish your book quickly, easily and affordably.

Fresh Thinking Publishings gives authors the services and assistance they need to publish their book by using the latest print-on-demand technology and new approaches to self-publishing. Fresh Thinking Publishings is your partner in not only publishing your book, but also marketing and selling it.

Our broad range of publishing, editorial, add-on and marketing services enable authors and writers to get the best publishing experience. Fresh Thinking Publishings has a dedicated team of customer service representatives and publishing professionals whose extensive experience and expertise ensures a seamless and successful publication process.

Top 9 Reasons to Publish a Book

  1. You become an expert in your field
    Of course, you were probably an expert long before you wrote your book, but now everyone will know about it.
  2. You can obtain media interviews based on your book’s topic and your own expertise
    Because authors are experts, they often are interviewed by the media. You can write your own press releases and send them to the media yourself, or you can use our marketing experts.
  3. You add lustre to your own (or your company’s) branding and marketing
    Becoming an acknowledged (and published) expert in your field makes you and your company look good. That adds both to your company’s brand and to your own personal brand in the marketplace.
  4. You can sell your book at seminars and speaking engagements
    While you are probably not going to become rich selling your book, you can certainly sell copies at your company’s seminars or at your own speaking engagements. You can also score excellent kudos with clients and potential clients by sending them a free, inscribed copy.
  5. You can add your book and speaking engagements to your website
    As everyone knows, you can improve your own and your company’s ranking on search engines such as Google by adding new content at frequent intervals. Adding new information and excerpts from your book can only help drive traffic to your website as well as your business.
  6. You can talk about your book on your blog or create a blog just for your book
    Writing and publishing a book is a good reason to add to or start a blog. Because you are now an expert, others will want to know what else you know about the subject. In fact, you can sell more copies of the book by writing about it. And, you don’t have to write anything new. Talk about the ideas you’ve already fleshed out in the book.
  7. Offer downloadable chapters of your book to generate interest
    To draw attention to your new book, you can provide downloadable chapters on your website or via a subscription list. Offer a discount on the purchase of your book to those readers who have downloaded a chapter.
  8. You can easily turn your book into an educational seminar, podcast, webinar, or CD-ROM
    You can get speaking engagements by writing a book, but you can also re-package your book as an educational seminar and sell it. One way to do this is to record yourself reading excerpts from your book, create worksheets (or a workbook) to go with these sections, and then package these items as a seminar, podcast, webinar, or CD-ROM that readers can buy. Instead of hiring you to come and speak, readers may want to buy one of your educational products.
  9. You can set up your own do-it-yourself book tour
    While the big-name authors have their book tours set up by publishing companies, you can easily set up a book tour for yourself. Many local bookstores are delighted to host local authors. In addition, if you are going to another part of the country for business or pleasure, make sure to check with bookstores or the media there to see if they are interested in you and your book.


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